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Is Your Life Being Destroyed Because of a Cortland NY Driving While Intoxicated Arrest?

Are You Ready to Lose Your Job and Paycheck Because of a Drinking and Driving Offense? 

A DWI or DWAI stays on your criminal record for your employer to see when they do a background check, especially when trying for a promotion or seeking new employment opportunities. You can't fool your employer, they will know one way or another.

Do You Want to Throw Away Your Education and Employment by losing your Professional License over a DWI?

If you're a doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, trucker or hold any other professional or special license, a DWI conviction could cause you to lose that license as well.

If Found Guilty of Certain Driving While Intoxicated Laws, You Could End Up Being a Felon.
Being a Felon because of a DWI could forever bar you from owning a firearm (even for hunting), taking away your right to vote and other rights we take for granted. Even a misdemeanor charge can stop you from entering certain countries (including Canada).
Students May Lose Their Scholarship.
Foreign students may lose their green card. Both Foreign and US students may lose their scholarship if found guilty of DWI.
Are You Prepared to Lose Your New York Driver's License?
For many people who must drive to and from work, and those who drive as part of their work, losing a license can cost you your job. If you're convicted, your license can be revoked for a year, until you complete all the court's requirements and pay all fines and possibly complete jail sentences.
How Much are You Able to Pay for Your Car Insurance Because of a DWI in Cortland?
How About Money for Fines and Court Costs? People who get Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated miss a lot of work, which means you lose a lot of pay because you have to handle things like court dates, community service, rehabilitation, alcohol assessments and even jail sentences or probation.
Ready to Spend Time in Jail?
Ready to Spend Time in Jail? Cortland County Jail or the New York State Prison System?

Do You Care if You Lose the Respect of Your Family, Relatives and Community?
If Your Convicted of a Drinking Driving Offense, will Your Friends and Family think of you as Irresponsible and a Drunk? 
How About the Fact that People will Associate You with the Others that have Killed People When Driving Under the Influence?


  There are Many More Consequences that Could Go Along with a Conviction, but Remember...
You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty! 

Let's Get on to Your Solution!

Selecting a DWI Lawyer is a very serious matter. It can affect you for the rest of your life. Always make sure that the attorney you choose to represent you in your DWI case has a history of handling Cortland Driving While Intoxicated cases and the the DWI Lawyer is well informed of the current laws and the local court systems.

Although DWI is a serious matter, it is a time sensitive situation to get good representation. Don't rush your decision, but be aware there are often deadlines within the court systems (for example, some paperwork needs to be filed within 10 days of your arrest for you to try to keep your license). If these deadlines pass you may lose some of your rights and important options. 

Always contact a Competent and Experienced DWI Lawyer, like Keith Dayton who will offer a FREE CONSULTATION.

Every Case is Different and Each Client is Treated as an Individual, with Respect and 
Compassion. Keith Dayton's Diligence, Professionalism, Extensive Experience and Knowledge of the Local Court System will Provide you with the
Highest Quality Defense Available.

You Deserve to Get Your Life Back!

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